3ntini - Tattoo Flash Drawings ''Gatti & Gattini''

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64 pages, 21x28 cm, 265drawings of cats and kittens by various artists.

Discover these purrfect tattoos!
Elegant, cute, purrfect indeed. Cat-themed tattoos are really popular and they're getting more so all the time.
In this issue: Egyptian cats, cat women, the maneki neko, cat paw-prints and other magnificent designs. Realistic, traditional, neo-traditional, cartoon, stylised, tribal, dotwork, watercolour and other styles.

Cats are record-holders in many fields: they're both cute and at the same time, sharp – a symbol of freedom, independence, regal elegance, beauty, mystery, good luck, guile, intelligence, playfulness, detachment, superiority and psyche, and the ability to get in touch with hidden depths.