Artist Backpack

Backpack with rain cover

This sturdy, high quality backpack is ideal to bring your valuable tattoo gear with you on a trip or to a convention. Because of the changeable inlays and extra padding on the inside, you can store everything neatly in this backpack with maximum protection. For stormy days there is even a rain cover included for extra protection. Read more about this luxury travel bag below.

Key Features:

Dimensions: 52 cm x 32 cm x 17 cm
Solid, high quality material
Comfortable shoulder straps with extra adjustable straps for more stability
Padding inside
Interchangeable inlays
Rain cover included
Non-slip strips

Read more about this luxury backpack below.


The bottom of the backpack has non-slip strips, so it stays in place. The large compartment on the inside can be opened from the backside of the backpack for extra protection of your valuables. The inlay contains several interchangeable pieces that can be moved or removed. So your bag can be arranged as you wish, your belongings remain well protected and the inside does not become messy. Attached to the shoulder straps are extra adjustable straps with clips to place around your waist and chest to carry the weight evenly. At the front of the bag are several smaller compartments for storing small items.

The backpack is made of a high quality sturdy material which is well resistant to wear and damaging. There is a rain cover included standard for extra protection of your valuable belongings so you can even use it in the rain and on stormy days!


Length: 52 cm / 20.47 inches
Width: 32 cm / 12.60 inches
Depth: 17 cm / 6.69 inches