LACEnano Tattoo Machine - Complete Set

The LACEnano, true innovation packed into a very light package. Combining the best features of a coil and rotary machine!

This machine is a brushless, magnetic drive rotary machine made from the best quality aircraft grade aluminium.
Running on a custom autoclavable brushless motor, meaning the entire machine is autoclavable.
The LACEnano will feel a lot like a coil machine except for the hassle and the weight. This machine is the lightest in the world weighing only 46 grams (1.6 oz)!
This kit includes everything you need except for a foot pedal and includes an aluminium flight case to pack everything into and safely travel with.

Key Features:

Lightest tattoo machine in the world at 46 grams (1.6 oz)
Ability to adjust the speed, stroke and give
Fully autoclavable, this includes the motor

Box Contents:

LACEnano rotary machine
LACEnano power supply
LACEnano power cable
Power adapter (EU, UK, USA and AUS)
Aluminium flight case with custom foam insert to store all items included


LACEnano Brushless Motor

The LACEnano features a brushless motor which has 6 x higher power to weight ratio than even the best brushed motors.
This brushless motor can also go as low as you want in the RPM range but keep all of its power, this cannot be done with standard brushed rotary motors.
With no brushes to wear out, this machine has almost an infinite life span. Maybe the best feature of all is that the motor is fully autoclavable.

LACEnano Power Supply

A certain kind of power supply is needed to power a brushless motor, this is why every LACEnano is shipped with its own power supply.
The power supply is easy to use, just rotate the single knob to adjust the speed from as low as 2000 RPM all the way up to 8000 RPM.

LACEnano Magnetic Drive

This feature is what really makes the LACEnano stand out. The magnetic drive makes it that there is no physical connection between the motor and the armature bar.
This means the motor can handle all the heavy work thrown at it and that you can adjust the stroke and the give on the fly.

The LACEnano makes it that every hit of the needle is completely crisp, this is because there are no springs or rubber membranes working against the needle.
Once you have experienced a machine like this you will never go back to a regular machine again!


Stoke can be adjusted from 0 to 6 mm
Give can be adjusted from rock hard to soft as a feather
Both of these can be adjusted in just 2 seconds, no need to take your gloves off and it can be done while tattooing.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The LACEnano was designed to be a really low maintenance machine. You can lube the bearings with a drop of light machine oil from time to time if you wish but it’s not really necessary.
If you are going to clean it in an autoclave, then we advise using an autoclave grade lubricant.

You can clean the whole machine (including the motor) in an autoclave sterilizer at up to 135° C.
Or If you don’t have one you can use any standard cleaner and disinfectant that you use for your other tattoo machines.

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