Crystal Cartridges

Crystal Cartridges

The Crystal Tattoo Products cartridges are made of extremely hard steel, are very sharp and allow the skin to heal faster. The Crystal tattoo needles provide the best ink flow and sharp contours during tattooing. The Crystal cartridges are available with long tapers and medium tapers. The Crystal cartridges have a transparent tip so you can clearly see the ink flow while you are working. All Crystal cartridges are equipped with a safety membrane and stabilizer.


The Crystal cartrdiges are available in a box with one desired configuration. You can choose from Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum.

More Crystal cartridges

The Crystal cartridges are available in boxes of 10 pieces, you will always find a nice package deal for the cartridges on our website. Would you prefer a box with 20 pieces? Take a look at the Premium Black Cartridges of Crystal Tattoo Products. Select Crystal Premium cartridges in the topmenu.

Are you looking for tattoo needles and not for tattoo cartridges? Select the Crystal One needles in the top menu.