3ntini - Tattoo Flash Drawings - Cuori, Sacri & Anatomici

H.T. 6,95 € TTC: 7,33 €

64 pages, 21x28 cm, 225 tattoo designs, various artists.

Joie de vivre and spirituality – that's the meaning behind the most popular heart tattoos!
The Sacred Heart, symbol of eternal faith, interpreted in numerous variations and styles.
The anatomical heart, symbol of life, from classic to contemporary.

In this collection the drawings of the sacred and anatomical heart convey a variety of meanings: religiousness, faith, the eternal spirit, a different take on certain passions whether sacred or profane, the life in a beating heart and the emotions of a heart which rises up and wants to go further. 
225 tattoo designs: traditional and neo-traditional styles, old school, realistic, dotwork, alternative and much more. Line (stencil) drawings, black & grey and colour.

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