Bishop x Critical - Power Wand - Packer - Complete Set

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Bishop Rotary has collaborated with Critical to create the Power Wand wireless machine set.
This set combines the popular Wand machine from Bishop with one of the best wireless power supplies from Critical.

The Power Wand can be used with either an RCA cable or the wireless batteries, this way you will never run out of power.
Simply detach the RCA adapter and connect the wireless power supply from Critical to use the machine wirelessly.

These wireless batteries use a magnetic connection that is quick and easy to attach and remove from the Power Wand.

This set includes the following:

Bishop - Packer Power Wand (4.2 mm)
Bishop - 7 ft long grey RCA cord
Critical - Power Wand Battery Pack
Critical - Power Wand Shorty Battery Pack
Critical - Universal Battery Charging Dock
Critical - Universal Dock Wall Adapter
A 6 ft USB charging cord for the charging dock
A travel case that can hold everything included in the set

The Power Wand included with this set:

The Bishop Packer Power Wand is perfect for bold lines, colour realism, traditional style work and even smooth black & gray work.

The Packer Power Wand features a 4.2 mm stroke and brushed Faulhaber motor with custom winding made specifically to provide more torque and speed.

The machine has a beautiful design, a matte black finish that feels smooth to the touch and a hand polished copper band to finish of the look.
The Bishop Power Wand has a fully autoclavable grip that is designed to fit comfortably in your hand which helps to reduce pain and fatigue.

This long-awaited addition to the Bishop Machine range is the perfect all in one machine for any artist and has an appealing look to create the perfect combination.

Technical Features:

Faulhaber brushed motor
Custom winding made specifically to provide more torque and speed.
Fixed 4.2 mm stroke
Aircraft grade aluminium
RCA connection
1 year Bishop warranty
Made in the USA
Recommended voltage: 7 v – 9 v
Dimensions: 95 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 113.4 grams