Cheyenne - Hawk Pen Unio - Pen Machine - Black

Tasse escluse: 499,00 € Incl. IVA: 603,79 €

The Hawk Pen Unio is a powerful rotary tattoo machine that offers adjustable stroke lengths for greater control and precision. Its simple design makes it easy to switch between different stroke lengths.
Adjust the stroke to 2.5 mm like the Hawk Spirit for fine filling and soft shading, or 4 mm like the Hawk Thunder for bold lines and powerful colour packing. The needle depth can also be adjusted from 0 to 4 mm for maximum control.

Featuring a wide stitch frequency bandwidth (voltage) from 60 to 140 Hz, the HAWK Pen Unio delivers consistent, reliable results. In addition, the inclusion of Steady Mode offers constant force and stitch frequency.

The machine has a removable grip fixture for easy cleaning. The tattoo machine itself is easy to cover and wrap.
Additionally, the movable jack connection ensures maximum freedom of movement, while the innovative jack cage provides optimum protection for the plug connection

The Hawk Pen Unio can be used in combination with the Long, One-Inch and Round disposable grips by Cheyenne.

Included with the machine:

Connection Cable & Headphone Jack Plug
A robust machine transport case by Cheyenne

Key Features:

Stepless adjustable stroke from 2.5 mm/0.10 inch to 4.0 mm/0.16 inch, perfect for all tattoo styles
Stepless adjustable needle depth (0 to 4.0 mm/0 - 0.16 inch)
Wide Stitch Frequency (voltage) from 60 to 140 Hz
Removable grip fixture for easy cleaning
Steady Mode for a constant force and stitch frequency.
Anti-roll design
Connection via movable jack connection ensures maximum freedom of movement,
Compatible with Cheyenne's three disposable grips
Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)
Made in Germany