Critical - Universal Wireless Battery Pack - 3.5 mm

Tasse escluse: 299,00 € Incl. IVA: 361,79 €

This wireless battery pack by Critical turns your favourite rotary machine into a wireless one.
Put your cables away and experience full freedom of motion with this wireless battery pack

The battery pack has an ergonomic and balanced design, weighing only 57 grams.
The intuitive interface makes it easy to control the power pack while working.

This universal wireless battery pack and bundle pack can be purchased with either an RCA connection or 3.5 mm connection.

Key Features of the Universal Battery Pack:

Compatible with most rotary machine brands
Consistent and stable voltage output
Light weight and balanced design
Intuitive user interface
USB-C Cable Included

Technical Specifications

Battery life: 10+ hours of tattooing, depending on the use.
Charging time: 2 - 3 hours
Voltage Range: 4 - 13 v
Length: 6.27 cm
Width: 3.2 cm
Weight: 57 grams