D-Master Artist Chair

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425,00 €

The D-Master Artist Chair is very unique and one of its (it isn’t a person so not his) kind in the tattooing industry.
No other chair has a back support that can also be used as a chest support. Using it as a chest support will relief your back during those long sessions.
The connection holding the back / chest rest is extremely strong and flexible, making it a very durable chair. to use.
Both the seat and the back / chest rest are filled with HR foam and a layer of NASA memory foam.
The seat is a 80 mm thick cushion that consist of the following combination. 50 mm HR foam and 30 mm NASA memory foam, which will form itself to your body.

Technical Features:

Seat: 460 mm x 450 m one piece wooden core with 50 mm HR foam and 30 cm NASA memory foam. Measurements: 460 mm x 450 mm
Gas Pressure Spring: Height ranging from 50 to 69 cm
Wheels: Big 65 mm ‘silent’ wheels
Fabric: Antibacterial, anti-stain en chemical resistant vinyl
Max. Weight: 120 kg