Darklab - RPG Click Ergo - Adjustable Cartridge Grip - Gunmetal

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The Click Ergo Grip is fully autoclavable and tapers from 32 mm thickness to 25 mm. It features a secure turning system to adjust needle depth and lock it in once adjusted.
FK irons is known for producing some of the safest and most ergonomic cartridge grips in the industry. Designed to resemble the natural feeling of drawing with a pen or pencil.

The grip is made from aircraft aluminium and anodized for durability. Featuring a newly designed groove-patterned body with an index rest to be relieve hand fatigue.

Need to clean your grip? The grip can be disabled into four autoclavable components for complete and easy sterilization, no tools needed!

Key Features:

Tapered diameter from 32 mm to 25 mm.
Anodized aircraft aluminium frame.
Easy depth adjustment which locks it into place.
Compatibel with all cartridge modules.
Autoclavable Drive Bar included with each grip.