ECOTAT - Protection Covers Sample Pack

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These protection covers by ECOTAT are an alternative for their single-use, fossil fuel derived plastic counterparts. They are made of naturally derived, plant based and renewable materials. Using these kind of products comes with many benefits, they are both thinner and lighter than their plastic counterparts but are just as durable.
Most important of all is that when you use these products you will minimise your environmental impact while tattooing.

This pack contains the 8 following products:

2 x ECOTAT - Bottle Covers - 150 x 250 mm
2 x ECOTAT - Clip Cord Sleeves - Pre-Cut - 50 x 800 mm
2 x ECOTAT - Machine / Power Supply Covers - 140 x 140 mm
2 x ECOTAT - Surface Protection Sheets - 1200 x 900 mm