Eikon - Green Monster - Liner

Tasse escluse: 225,00 € Incl. IVA: 272,25 €

Eikon’s Green Monster™ Liner excels at pushing needle configurations ranging from 7 to 14 Round Liners

The machine is fitted with two of Eikon's very own hand-wrapped, 8-Wrap Crown Standard 1.25 inch coils and has a 22uF pre-soldered capacitor for easy adjustments.
High quality steel frame with the coils shifted forward to make the machine more reliable and efficient compared to previous models.

The Green Monster™ uses a lightweight Tru-Spring® High-Life armature bar, which ensures the machine runs very fast with a shorter stroke for moving quickly and efficiently through the skin.

What makes this machine really stand out is that the final set-up and hand tuning is done by Mack Bregg, a 30 year veteran of tattooing and machine-building.

Frame: Steel
Set-up: Liner
Weight: 227 grams (8.0 oz)
Connection: Clip Cord