Eikon - Symbeos Rotary - Flex System

The Symbeos Flex System is a 2-motor set of interchangeable components that allows you to tweak your machine for any colouring or lining job.
The extra motor allows you to set it up exactly how you want it and switch it whenever you need it. No more jeopardizing your perfect set up, just adding a second one to it.

The Symbeos Flex System comes pre-assembled as a colouring machine which is a colour packer with a medium stroke a medium to hard hit. This set-up uses a speed that is most suitable for packing in colour. This setup features the #6 Symbeos motor, pivot slide and a 3.4 mm stroke wheel.

Key Features:

Frame: 7075 Series aircraft aluminum
Motor: 22 mm Swiss Maxon
Weight: 122 grams (3.9 oz)
Stroke: 3.4 mm
Connection: RCA and Clip Cord
Recommended Voltage: Max 12 volts

Tasse escluse: 445,00 € Incl. IVA: 538,45 €

To build this machine Eikon partnered with HM Tools & Dye to develop the first ever rotary machine with the adaptability of a coil machine.
The Symbeos Rotary machine is a great example of team work done right, it is very versatile, lightweight and silent.

The Symbeos is suitable for any artist as it is the only truly tuneable rotary machine on the market.
Eikon has a range of parts available to change the machine to fit your needs. Different slides to control your hit, different stroke lengths and even the ability to change the speed of your motor. A machine made to be customized, easy changing of parts and the tools needed are included in the box!

The set includes the following components for tuning your machine to your needs:

Motor: Swiss-made MAXON motors, specifically designed for tattooing to reduce noise and vibration.

#4 Motor - 19 mm: Fast speed, medium torque
#6 Motor - 22 mm: Medium speed, high torque

Stroke: 2 types with oversized, German FAG-brand bearings for reduced noise and friction.

3.4 mm - Medium stroke
4.0 mm - Long stroke

Give Adjustment: 2 adjustable slides constructed from wear-resistant Delrin.

Piston Slide: Medium-to-hard give by adjusting the thumbscrew a quarter turn at a time.
Cushion Slide: Soft, to medium, to hard give by swapping out the Blue (Soft), Red (Medium) or Black (Hard) elastomer inserts.