Equaliser - Neutron - Wireless Pen Machine - Red - 3.5 mm Stroke

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The Equaliser Neutron is a wireless pen-style tattoo machine made from lightweight aluminium.

A digital display shows your current voltage, battery percentage, and the amount of time the machine has been running.
The machine is operated through three buttons, one to turn on the machine and two for adjusting your voltage. The voltage of the machine can be adjusted from 5 to 12V in 0.1V increments. A voltage between 6-10V is recommended.

The Equaliser Neutron is a direct drive machine with a 4.5 W motor, 3.5 mm stroke, and built-in Jump Start. Two rechargeable batteries and a charger capable of charging two batteries simultaneously are included with the machine.
The machine uses rechargeable batteries that give you around 8 hours of working time. The batteries require only 2 hours of charging time from empty to full.

Also included with this machine is a 32 mm diameter aluminium grip and two additional silicone grips. One with a diameter of 32 mm and the other with a diameter of 35 mm. Through the grip, you can adjust the needle depth.

Included with the machine:

2 Rechargeable batteries
A battery charger
1 aluminium grip with a diameter of 32 mm
1 silicone grip with a diameter of 32 mm
1 silicone grip with a diameter of 35 mm

Technical Specifications:

Direct Drive
Operating Voltage: 4 - 12V
Dimensions (Ø X L): 32 mm x 130 mm
Grip size: 32 mm / 35 mm
Weight without battery: 170 grams
Weight with battery: 200 grams

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