FK Irons - EXO - Combo Pack - Shadow Camo

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The EXO is a premium pen-style machine build on the foundation of the Spektra Flux model but improved with a modular design.

The EXO features a detachable RCA motor that can be swapped out with a PowerBolt Battery. The modular design allows you to use the machine both wired and wirelessly.

Wired you can use the machine with either a traditional power supply or Hover by Darklab if you wish to use the e-give functionality.
Wirelessly the machine can be used with the PowerBolt Battery.
The battery features 3 buttons to control everything, LED's to indicate your current voltage / remaining battery life and last up to 10 hours with only 1.5 hours of charging time.

The EXO uses a 40 mm grip that helps reduce strain in your hand and the forward weight aids the artist with downward needle pressure.

This machine features EGive (Electronic Give) that can be adjusted by using the Hover power supply or when using the wireless PowerBolt Battery and Darklab Android or IOS application.

Embrace the wireless revolution and create your masterpieces without cables getting in the way!

Key Features:

First machine by FK Iron's with a modular design
Forward weighted, aiding the artist with downward needle pressure
Powerful, 9-watt brushless motor
Reverse polarity protection in the RCA module for motor safety
Wired or wireless through the PowerBolt Battery.
eGive ready, via Hover and RCA cable or wireless Powerbolt and Darklab app
Compatible with all cartridge modules
Direct Drive
Grip: 40 mm
Stroke: Available in 2.5 mm, 3.2 mm or 4.0 mm stroke options (non-interchangeable)
Weight: 189 grams