FK Irons - Spektra Flux - Combo Pack - Stealth

This combo deal includes an additional PowerBolt Battery
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The Spektra Flux is a premium pen-style machine to kickstart the wireless future of tattooing!

The Flux features a detachable PowerBolt battery that fits perfectly on to the pen. This gives it an ergonomic and lightweight design with all the weight in the center to reduce strain in your arm.
The machine has 3 buttons to control everything making it very easy to use. The LED indicators on the Flux allow you to quickly see your current voltage settings or remaining battery life.
The battery will last up to 10 hours and only needs 1.5 hours of charging when empty. We also sell a combo pack with an additional PowerBolt battery included for artists who either work longer sessions or just want the safety of never running out of battery power.

The Spektra Flux has Bluetooth capabilities, it allows you to connect your phone to it and use the Darklab Android or IOS application.
Through the app you are able to check the time you have been tattooing, change your voltage using voice commands, update the battery pack and much more.

Embrace the wireless revolution and create your masterpieces without cables getting in the way!

Key Features:

Ergonomic, lightweight wireless pen-style machine
Most of the weight placed in the center to reduce strain in your arm
Coloured LED indicators allow for the monitoring of voltage settings and battery life
Dynamic Power Path Management ensures stable power at all times.
Detachable battery allows you to switch between Powerbolts (Extra Powerbolt is sold seperate or can be bought with the Flux in a combo pack)
Bluetooth compatible, connect to the app and use the many features such as changing voltage through voice commands
Charge the battery pack through any USB-C port found in cars, airports or laptops. Great for the traveling tattoo artist
Battery life: 10 hours of life with only 1.5 hours of charging time
Compatible with all cartridge modules
Direct Drive
Grip: 33 mm
Stroke: 4 mm (Great for lining and colour packing, all-round machine)
VoltageL: 5 - 12 volts, can be changed in increments of 0.5
Weight: 178 grams

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