Hulk Super Bond

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Hulk Super Bond... So strong the problem isn't keeping it on, its getting it off!

Hulk is the product to get the stencil as firmly as possible on to the skin. Hulk is designed to work with all kinds of thermal and free hand paper, as well as skin markers. We recommend using Reprofx stencil paper.

Crisp and Sharper transfers
100% Non-Toxic
Skin Friendly
Made in uk
EU Certified and Compliant


Pour a small amount of Hulk Super Bond onto your gloved hand, spread evenly over the prepared area until the surface is damp but not wet.
Apply the stencil to the skin and hold it in place for 3-5 seconds.
Remove the stencil and allow it to set for approximate 6-10 minutes.
Area is now ready to be tattooed