Kintaro - Dutch Tattoo Studios

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Dutch Tattoo Studios

The book about tattoo artists in the Netherlands.

Tattoo are more popular than ever. Therefore, there are a lot lately released books about the art and the associated cultures. The tattoo artists in the Netherlands have never been documented together in one book. Dutch Tattoo Studios fills the gap to bring together in one book. By 30 artists and their work Colorful characters from the old generation, as Gregorie and all the other artists who follow his footsteps, for example Rob Admiraal. Together they share with them all the love for their profession, but each of them on their own way.

The maker of Dutch Tattoo Studios is Andre van Zomeren. Since 1995, the process of traveling around the world, from South America to Asia. 12 years experience in photography and even more with tattooing he was well prepared in order to engage in a major project.


Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Page-total: 304
Size: 24,5 x 31,5cm
Weight: 2.4 kg
ISBN: 978-90-817014-1-9