Lauro Paolini - PMU Fly Pen - Pink

Tasse escluse: 390,00 € Incl. IVA: 471,90 €

The Fly Pen is another great addition to the machine brand "Lauro Paolini".

A pen style machine with extremely small dimensions and light weight design. allowing you to easily work on areas around the eyes, mouth and areola
The maximum needle depth of this machine is 2.8 mm which is great for any kind of line or shading work.
The combination of design and features make it the ideal tool for semi permanent makeup artists.

The pen is made out of aluminium and is powered by the German Faulhaber motor. A motor known for precision and reliability.
The 12v and 6 Watts of power provide the machine with a soft stroke, which is easy to use and extremely accurate.
Best of all is that vibrations are next to none with this machine. This allows you to work longer with less hand fatigue.

Lauro Paolini advices to start the machine with a voltage between 10 and 12v. Once powered the machine should never exceed 12v.

Technical Features:

Frame: Anodized Aluminium
Motor: Faulhaber 12v 6 Watts
Connection: RCA (Cable not included)
Needle Depth: Up to 2.8 mm
Weight: 80 grams
Length: 9 cm
Grip Size: 24 mm