Light4Vision - Chameleon - Magnifying Lamp - White

Tasse escluse: 149,95 € Incl. IVA: 181,44 €

The Chameleon Magnifying Lamp features a flexible, aluminium arm that reaches up to 120 cm and can be attached to any flat surface via the clamp.
It has 3 different colour temperatures (Kelvin) to choose from: 2700K, 4000K and 5500K. Each colour temperature also has three brightness levels.

A cover has been added to the back of the glass lens to protect when lens from dust and scratches when the lamp is not being used.

Technical Specifications:

Arm Length: 120 cm
Lens Diameter: 17 cm
Clamp Depth: 7.3 cm
Magnification: 1.75x
Weight: 2.7 kg

Light Specifications:

LUX at 15 cm: 5000
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 2700K to 5500K

Dimensions of the packaging:

Length: 58.5 cm
Width: 29.5 cm
Depth: 10.5 cm
Weight: 3 kg