The Handpoker

The Handpoker - V1 - 100% Stainless Steel
229,00 €
The Handpoker - V2 - 60% Stainless Steel & 40% Bronze
145,00 €

The Handpoker is a tool made for professional tattoo and handpoke artists with a design that is comfortable to use during long tattoo sessions.
The tool weighs 125 grams and features a Marquesan cross design on top of it. Included with the handpoker is a linocut print with a manual and a handmade bag.

The Handpoker is available in two different versions. Version 1 is made with 100% stainless steel and version 2 is made with 60% stainless steel and 40% bronze.

Key Features:

Designed in the Netherlands, made in France
Features a Marquesan cross design
Includes a Linocut print with manual and handmade bag
Weight: 125 grams

Watch the Handpoker in action