Piranha - Reusable Mouth Mask - Black - Single Mask

These reusable black mouth masks by Piranha provide extra protection to yourself and your clients during a session.
These mask should be used as an extra protective measure. All other protective COVID-19 protection and hygiene measures still apply.

The mouth masks are tested and recommended to use for one day or one session. After this the mask should be washed using a complete wash cycle of at least 30 minutes at 60° with detergent.
These masks can be washed 5 times before they will need to be replaced.

Key Features:

One Size (Adult)
100% Polyester Fabric
Mask performance is guaranteed for up to 5 washes Anti-bacterial finish.
Adjustable at the nose for a better fit


Product approved by CITEVE: n. 8831A/2020 Particle Retention Capacity (PRC) ≥ 70% Air permeability: air flow ≥ 8/min, according to EN ISO 9237:1995 Product indicated for the prevention of the new Coronavirus (SARS - CoV - 2).
REF 209003

Before using the mouth mask, read the following instructions (1), wearing method (2) and inspection method (3);

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Instructions (1):

  • We advise washing the mask before using it for the first time. The mouth mask should be washed using a complete wash cycle of at least 30 minutes at 60° with detergent. The mouth masks should only be used after they are completely dry, do not use when damp.
  • Before using the mouth mask, check the air tightness. Refer to the user instructions under 'Wear Method (2)' for the correct method.
  • Do not use the mouth mask when the concentration of harmful substances reaches the instant lethal concentration or the concentration is unknown.
  • If you do not wear the mouth mask correctly in a contaminated environment, it will reduce the protective effect of the mouth mask and may lead to illness or even death.
  • This mouth mask is not suitable for people where the beard or facial hair prevents the correct connection between the mask and the face.

Wearing method (2):

  1. Open the mask, adjust the close clip to fit the nose shape
  2. Ear straps type wearing: With the nose clip upward, pull two ear straps by both hands, place the chin in the mask, put on the mask, buckle the ear straps behind the ears with both hands, and adjust to a comfortable position.
  3. Hold the upper end of the mask with one hand, and pull the mask not fully unfolded to the back of the chin with the other hand until it is completely and flatly opened.
  4. With the index fingers of both hands, starting from the middle of the clip, move towards both sides and press the nose clip down to shape the nose bridge.

Inspection method (3)

Before wearing the mask the air tightness inspection should be carried out, this can be done as follows:

  • Cover the mask with both hands and take a deep breath. If there is a leakage near the nose bridge, reshape the nose clip according to step 3 of the wearing method.
  • If the leakage is found on the edge, please readjust the ear straps or headband.
  • If it is not possible to achieve a good fit, do not wear this mouth mask, it is not suitable for you.
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