Professional - Classic - Tattoo Client Chair - Black

The Professional Client Chair is a unique product within the tattoo industry and on our website. This customer chair is an inhouse production from Tattooland Supplies.

The chair has a hydraulic system that consists of cylinders. Due to the pump movement in the system the pistons in the cylinders will push away the liquid and another part will be moved. This makes the seat height adjustable by means of a foot pump. The footrests are adjustable in length and can also be removed completely.

By means of a gas spring, the footrests can be adjusted to any desired angle. The armrests can be adjusted in height by a rotary knob or can be removed completely.
The backrest can be completely flattened with a lever. You can also choose to place the backrest at a different angle to the rear and lock it.

On the head piece is an extra cushion, when you remove it you will be left with a headrest with a round hole in it for the straddle position.
For extra comfort in this position, there is a footrest at the back of the chair where the customer can rest their legs. The chair can be rotated 360 degrees from left to right.

We will contact you by telephone about an appointment for delivery.


The chair has a size of 195 cm (length) x 82 cm (width) x 70 - 84 cm (height - adjustable)
The lowest chair position is 70 cm high.
The highest chair position is 84 cm for standing work.
Rotation: 360 degree horizontal rotation
Backrest: the backrest can be completely flattened down
Extras: The professional chair can be extended with the Armrest Pro, Professional Saddle stool or Tabouret stool.

Read more about the original Professional Client chair below.

Tasse escluse: 749,00 € Incl. IVA: 906,29 €

Coating & Cleaning

Hygiene is important, therefore the cover of the chair is made out of faux leather which is easy to clean after each session and will not easily damage. Use lukewarm water and green soap only! Do not use strong detergents and / or alcohol to clean the upholstery.

Colours & Extra's

Our range of client chairs consists of different colours and is continiously expanded with new combinations for you to pick from.
The chair can be expanded with the Armrest Pro. This armrest is specifically designed for the Professional Client Chair and can be easily mounted.
One of the excisting armrest will be replaced creating a larger working surface and extra customer comfort. Just like the regular armrest this one can be adjusted in all angles.


The chair will be delivered disassembled via pallet delivery and includes a detailed manual with instructions on how to assemble the chair.