Professional - Saddle Stool - Guccy Bronze

Tasse escluse: 99,00 € Incl. IVA: 119,79 €

We are proud to present our new line of matt black Professional artist chairs.

The seat cushions on our Professional artist chairs are available in various colours and prints to match our Professional client chairs.
The cushions were designed to last, a thick cushion with memory foam to keep you comfortable during work.
The frame is made from high quality stainless steel making it durable and reliable for everyday use.
The matt black stainless steel makes this a very unique and appealing artist chair that will suit in any studio.

This artist chair is the perfect solution for any tattoo artist when it comes to height. When it is at its highest point it matches the height on our Professional client chairs.

Lowest position: 55 cm / 21.7 inches
Highest position: 72 cm / 28.5 inches

Seat Dimensions:

Width: 37.5 cm
Length: 34.5 cm
Thickness: 4 cm 

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