Reach Regulation

Important information about the REACH regulation

You may already be aware of the fact that this year we are in the transition phase of the REACH regulation, which will come into full effect on the 4th of January 2022. A regulation that will have big consequences for tattoo ink!

This new law, which aims to regulate and standardize tattoo ink in the European Union, restricts, among other things, the use of certain pigments and preservatives, which were previously allowed in the production of tattoo ink.

In the future, tattoo ink may only be permitted to have a very small amount of these substances, which will make it impossible for them to work effectively. Good examples are the pigments Blue 15:3 and Green 7, these pigments however have a transitional period until January 2023.
Under this new regulation, it is estimated that 65% of all tattoo ink colours could disappear. We therefore ask for your support by signing the "Save the Pigments" petition. Join us in the interest of yourself and our industry.

For various reasons, tattoo ink manufacturers have not yet succeeded in replacing the soon-to-be banned substances with similar components that can guarantee the same quality. We are waiting for information on when manufacturers expect to be able to offer alternatives.
As a wholesaler, we supply a variety of tattoo ink brands. Unfortunately for us, this regulation means that we will not be allowed to sell a large part of our ink range after the 4th of January 2022. We will indicate on our website which colours will be forbidden after this period and therefore can no longer be used as tattoo ink. This will be done as soon as possible. The tattoo colours covered by this regulation are marked on our website with the words [REACH BAN].

We understand that this situation creates uncertainty for everyone working in our beautiful industry. We will use all our resources, in consultation with all interested parties, to find a solution for this threat to our industry.

Furthermore, we hope that manufacturers will come with positive news soon that will allow tattoo artist to use all tattoo colours in 2022 without any problems. This is what we are aiming for!