Reach Regulation (Update)

Important information about the REACH regulation

From the 4th of January 2022, the REACH regulation will be in force. This new law restricts, among other things, the use of certain pigments and preservatives in tattoo ink. One of the prohibited substances is Isopropanol. Inks containing this component may no longer be used from the 4th January 2022 onwards. Only the pigments Blue 15:3 and Green 7 have a transition period until January 2023. The tattoo colours that will be banned from January the 4th onwards will be marked on our website with the words [REACH BAN].

For various reasons, only a few manufacturers including World Famous, Perma Blend and Quantum have succeeded in replacing the substances that will soon no longer be permitted with components of similar quality. At the moment, only Quantum can supply ink which is in compliance with the REACH regulation. We have provisionally included the REACH-compliant ink in the separate 'REACH approved' category.

We are still waiting for information on when other manufacturers will be able to offer alternatives. Furthermore, we hope that all manufacturers will come with positive news very soon, so that tattoo artists will be able to use all brands of tattoo ink without any problems in 2022. That is what we are going for!