Sterillium Med

Sterillium - 100 ml
Tasse escluse: 3,95 € Incl. IVA: 4,78 €
Sterillium - 500 ml
Tasse escluse: 6,95 € Incl. IVA: 8,41 €
Sterillium - 1000 ml
Tasse escluse: 11,50 € Incl. IVA: 13,92 €

Sterillium® med is suitable for hygienic hand disinfection.

Sterillium® med is free from colourants and fragrances, and therefore particularly suitable for users with sensitive skin. Using the product regularly increases skin hydration.
Due to its highly efficient formula containing 85% ethanol, Sterillium® med provides full virucidal activity within hygienic hand disinfection. Ideal for infection prevention all year round.