Vlad Blad - Steel Wolf - Machine - Pro Liner

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Tasse escluse: 280,00 € Incl. IVA: 338,80 €

The Wolf coil machines by Vlad Blad Irons come in a variety of pre-built setups to suit any type of tattoo work.
All coil machines come with a 25 year warranty on the frame, coils and armature bar and a 1 year warranty on the springs, vice screw, contact screw and binding posts.
Because every machine is hand built, the appearance may vary slightly from the model shown in the image.

This version of the Wolf machine is the Pro Liner model, suitable for clean single pass line work with 5-14 needles.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 5-8V DC
Connection: RCA & Clip Cord
Frame: Steel
Weight: 175 grams