Vlad Blad - Ultron 2 - Premium Big Heavy Grip - Pen Machine

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The Ultron 2 by Vlad Blad is the successor of the first generation Ultron. This second generation machine has a powerful 10.5W motor and features the all new "RawPower" system
It's the "RawPower" system that sets this machine apart from other pen machines. The system gives the artist more control and unleashes the true power of the motor.

The "RawPower" System changes the hit of the needle and makes it stay in the skin longer, bringing more pigment into the skin with every hit.
Less time spend tattooing the same part of the skin results in less trauma to the skin and it healing quicker.

Just like the previous Ultron this machine can be used for everything. Increase the voltage to use the machine for lining and colour packing, decrease the voltage for a softer hit more suitable for shading and dotwork.

All parts for this machine were carefully selected to reduce friction and optimize balance. A machine with virtually no vibrations and balanced design ensures you can work for hours without hand fatigue.

With this machine, Vlad Blad has chosen a more eco-friendly approach. The Ultron 2 is made from partially recycles aluminium and has a minimalist design that significantly reduces waste during production.
The packaging has also been simplified, getting rid of all unnecessary things and only using it to protect the machine during transport.

This machine is available in 4 different versions with a grip to fit each artist.

Classic Light Grip: An aluminium grip with a diameter of 25 mm
Big Light Grip: An aluminium grip with a diameter of 35 mm
Premium Classic Grip: A heavier stainless-steel grip with a diameter of 25 mm
Premium Big Heavy Grip: A heavier stainless-steel grip with a diameter of 35 mm

Prefer to use disposable grips? The Ultron 2 is compatible with all disposable grips from Cheyenne.

Recommended Voltages:

Thin Outlines: 7.5-8.5V
Thick Outlines: 9-9.3V
Black & Grey: 7.5-7.8V
Colour Realism: 7.5-8V
Colour Packing: 7.5-8V
Dotwork: 1.5-3V
Whip Shading: 7-8V

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 2-10V
Stroke: 4 mm
Motor: 10.5 watt
Length: 108 mm
Body diameter: 25 mm
Grip diameter: 35 mm
Weight without grip: 101 grams
Weight with grip: 332 grams