Arte Tattoo - Calaveras II

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We are pleased to present the second volume of our collection of skull paintings, drawings, sketches, and tattoos by more than 70 well-known artists from around the world, including many talented new artists. The book is divided into four sections: Paintings and Drawings, Sketches, Real Photos of Skulls, and Tattoos. The Paintings and Drawings section includes a variety of skull works in different techniques, styles, and media. The Sketches section features pencil and ink sketches with various levels of development. The Real Photos Skulls section showcases real photos of different skulls with different illumination and angles, or with some ornamentation. We have also included an excellent sculpture of a skull by Éric De L'Etoile, as well as some skeletons and radiographs. Finally, the Tattoos section displays a range of works on skin in various styles and genres. The works in each section are organized by artist and can be easily located using the index on page 7. All works are printed in high resolution on high-quality paper, with the aim of reproducing the originals as faithfully as possible.

Unlike our other books, this volume does not have a specific style as its main focus, but rather a theme: the skull. This explains the wide range of artistic styles featured in the works, which include realistic, surrealistic, traditional, Oriental, New School, biomechanical, and more, in both color and black and grey. Many of the works feature skulls accompanied by other elements, while others focus solely on the skulls. It is clear that skulls are a favorite theme for tattoo artists and enthusiasts, as they can be found in all styles.

This book offers a glimpse into the various stages of creating a tattoo. It begins with referencing sketches, drawings, and paintings, and moves on to the use of real skull photos as a reference, which allows for greater artistic freedom. The book also includes examples of final tattoo designs on skin, showcasing the complexity of the tattoo creation process and the challenge of creating original and innovative designs. We are grateful to all the artists who contributed their works to this book and made it possible, as well as to our readers for their support of our projects.

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