Arte Tattoo - A True Book Of Fake Flash

Excl. BTW: € 24,00 Incl. btw: € 26,16

Drawings and paintings and lines - traditional style - 15x22 cms - 100 pages

Leo Ruiz is a well-known tattoo artist of traditional style from Argentina. This incredible book of digital designs contains an excellent compilation of traditional designs and flashes, each one published in pairs, that is, in one page the design in lines and in the other page the design finished in color. The artist chose this mode of publication because all the design process can be appreciated. In addition, Leo plays a little with the title of the book "A True Book of Fake Flash", because all the designs were done on digital. The book has a plus of 2 inserts with 2 large format foldout designs. The book size is very comfortable to have it always with one to have look and take references of it. All the traditional style lovers should have this book!!

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