Artyst - Lips - Red 07 C - 10 ml / 0.34 oz

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Red 07 C is a Bordeaux red used for lip pigmentation. Suitable for creating intense red lips. It can also be added to any lip colour to make it brighter.

The artyst™ permanent makeup colours for lips is a selection of pigments suitable for all skin types and designed to meet the needs of PMU specialists. This carefully selected range of lip colours is perfect for giving your client's lips more contour, colour and volume.

The formulation used to create the artyst™ for Lips pigments is a blend of organic and inorganic red pigments. In addition, these pigments contain little to no titanium dioxide. As a result, the Artyst permanent makeup pigments are long-lasting and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

The artyst™ by Cheyenne permanent makeup pigments have been developed in collaboration with professional PMU artists and chemists. Combining artistry with science to create a range of PMU pigments that are easy to work with, safe and guarantee long-lasting results. All Artyst pigments comply with EU and REACH guidelines and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Key Features:

Developed together with professional PMU artists and chemists, combining artistry with science
A range of PMU pigments that are easy to work with and guarantee long-lasting results
All Artyst PMU colours have been sterilized and do not contain any preservatives
Fully compliant with EU and REACH guidelines, meeting the highest quality and safety standards
These pigments have been tested in external, accredited analytical laboratories to validate their quality
Each bottle has a seal of authenticity, a symbol of artyst™ their dedication to excellent quality


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